Armonia by Nottinblù's proposals may be summed up as a sleep microcosm created for each and every one of us, in which we may entrust our idea of relaxation and well-being: a dimension which is in harmony with what our body needs and our spirit requires.


The body's conformation (tall and slim, short and slim, overweight, thin, etc.)and the various positions taken up while sleeping (mainly face down, face up and on one side) determine an infinite variety of weight distribution when lying down.
As a result, Armonia by Nottinblù doesn't offer rigid, non-personalised solutions: the same product which has to be suitable for everybody!

Armonia by Nottinblù's therapy to guarantee quality rest is the result of years of research and development, which has helped us in developing solutions which may be adapted "ad personam", to every shape, body weight and individual requirement.
In fact, our bodies are made up of different zones which act upon the mattress with different pressure.
Armonia by Nottinblù proposes integrated systems of mattress supports, mattresses and pillows which guarantee total comfort for each and everyone of us:

  • Orthopaedically-correct support for the spine
  • Relaxation of the muscle system
  • Good stability of body temperature
  • Hygienic conditions which protect from mites, bacteria, mould and dust

Armonia by Nottinblú products are made using avant-garde technology and completely natural materials, in the continuous search for quality without compromises.
The mattress supports are available in either a fixed version or in mobile versions which may be regulated either by hand or with motors (there is also a remote control available): an ideal solution for sleeping and also for relaxing and reading thanks to the possibility of regulating the angle of the mattress support according to need.
With the ELEKTRA 4 models, you may even regulate the cervical, back, thigh and leg sections of the mattress support independently, and memorise your favourite relaxation and sleeping positions.


Mattresses and pillows, designed to act in synergy with the mattress support, are made from materials which are safe, anti-allergic, ergonomic and with good transpiration characteristics. What is more, they are supplied with a removable cover, a further guarantee for perfect hygiene.
To complete everything, Armonia by Nottinblú has also perfected a range of beds which have been created for complete well-being, with an aesthetic content in order to harmoniously blend in with the bedroom, the highest expression of personal privacy and our way of being.
Naturally and with the aesthetic attention of a product made in Italy, guaranteed by expert designers.