The rhythm of modern living, sedentary work and the increasing lack of physical exercise has lead us towards a new concept in comfort, dictated by new habits and needs.
As a result our bed, where we spend around one third of our life, is an extremely important item and, quite rightly, is an important part in today's search for well-being.


Armonia by Nottinblù's philosophy of well-being starts off from one basic principle, a good night's seep, and turns to the science of physiology for the answer. Sleeping has become a question of culture.
The upright position which singles out the human species means that, during man's evolution, the spinal column has come to take up its special "S" conformation.
This conformation, which is ideal for moving around in an upright position, is particularly prone to problems such as back pains, lumbago, lumbar and cervical arthrosis, hernia, disc problems etc.

In order to avoid such problems, it is fundamental to use bed systems which allow the spinal column to take up the same conformation while lying down as when standing.

From this simple, yet often overlooked, scientific consideration, Armonia by Nottinblú carries out its research. In fact, an incorrect rest position does not allow the muscles to completely relax, which means that the deep sleep phase (rem) will be either delayed or even completely impeded, a phase which is necessary to regenerate our psycho-physical equilibrium and, therefore, our well-being.


That is why Armonia by Nottinblú knows that variable, individual factors such as the body conformation and the position taken up while sleeping are the main elements to be considered when designing an optimum bed system, which evolves the quality of our sleep and, as a result, of our lives.
The solutions offered by Armonia by Nottinblú become, therefore, therapeutic.