Armonia by Nottinblú. It means a carefully thought out and responsible choice, which gives the right consideration to our well-being and quality of sleep.


Armonia by Nottinblú products are the result of years of experience, research in collaboration with universities and orthopaedic surgeons and severe testing of each single component. The materials used are only of the highest quality, ecological, recyclable, hygienic, resistant and long-lasting, and technically meet the most stringent norms in this field.

Cartablù is much more than a simple guarantee. It is a trusted friend which follows the life of each and every mattress support and mattress and suggests the best way to use them and how to take care of them to keep them in perfect working order and to guarantee years of healthy, natural sleep.


Cartablù expresses Armonia by Nottinblù's wish to build up a relationship with the client which is based on trust which, we feel sure, will be reinforced in the years by being based on the satisfaction and certainty of a healthy, comfortable sleep.