Armonia by Nottinblú realises that sleep and relaxation are the starting points to achieve physiological equilibrium and, therefore, well being.

Armonia by Nottinblú designs sleep by developing an integrated bed system, in which the mattress support, mattress and pillows synergically take on the task of adding quality to our relaxation. 

Studies into various body conformations, together with the range of positions taken up during sleep, show that there is an infinite variety of combinations of weight distribution on the mattress.

This means that sleep systems which offer a wide variety of personalised solutions is necessary, solutions which are capable of solving each and everybody's individual problems when it comes to sleeping.

This is how Armonia by Nottinblú's research has led to the development of a range of products dedicated to sleeping (mattresses, mattress supports, pillows and even beds) which, by adapting themselves to the various areas of pressure exerted by our bodies on the mattress according to strictly individual variables, guarantee correct posture at all times and design made-to-measure sleep for each and every one of us.