Armonia by Nottinblú is a trademark founded in 1997 to give a concrete meaning to the “culture” of rest, in which it has dedicated considerable resources and research for a number of years.

Science has shown that a good night’s sleep does not depend on the quantity but on the quality. In fact, a great deal of our physiological well being depends on the quality of the rest.


A perfect understanding of the dynamics of rest, innovation, research and, above all, quality products for a good sleep therapy are the reasons which have led Armonia by Nottinblú to make its mark on both the European and international bed, mattress support and mattress markets in only a few short years.
Armonia by Nottinblú is dedicated to the research of solutions which may be adapted ad personam, to all kinds of body conformation and body weight. This is the aspect which sums up the Armonia by Nottinblú philosophy: offer a personalised system for safeguarding your sleep.