For a proper body support

The Armonia by Nottinblú toppers are designed to optimize the mattress function of support, reducing the compression between it and the body surface.
Available in two different versions and in two different materials, they ensure maximum comfort enhancing the features of the combined mattress.

  • h. 6 cm approx.
  • self-moulding, heat-sensitive Blucell® LR from plant: distributes uniformly the body weight
  • medium support
  • h. 6 cm approx.
  • medium-high support
  • Performance is revolutionary material that provides excellent anatomical support because of its elastic-stereoscopic fiber
  • This technologically advanced fiber provides comfort, breathability, softness, hygiene and durability
  • Bioblú: 100% natural cotton, with special weave allowing for elasticity.  To maximize your comfort, a combination of cashmere and linen is used. The cashmere fiber is a valuable fiber is extremely soft and light. It feels warm and soft. The cashmere fiber comes from the cashmere goat which is characteristic of a typical mountainous regions of Kashmir. It is a limited and costly production. One of the characteristics that differentiates cashmere from common wool is the fact that it is a fabric ten times lighter and warmer. This particular feature is due to the fiber structure: cashmere within its fiber has an inner tube that acts as a thermal insulator. Linen is already naturally antibacterial, almost antistatic and stain resistant. Linen can absorb up to 35% humidity environment without having a moist effect on the skin.
  • Comfortblú: It is a revolutionary fibre which originates from wood-pulp. It is very pleasant to the touch, has high transpiration properties, is 100% biodegradable and guarantees one of the highest levels of elasticity available, for a high level of adaptability to the shape of the body.
  • Silverblú: it has been scientifically demonstrated that silver has enormous anti-microbe properties, and it was used since the beginning of the last century for medical purposes and to heal wounds. Today, thanks to the progresses made in technology, silver fibre is fixed permanently to the fabric itself, to guarantee, over time, an anti-microbe action which is resistant to a large number of washes. Fabric with silver woven in it immediately dissipates the electrostatic charges, because it is a metal with high conductive properties. It is also able to regulate the temperature of the body due to its radiation properties, and to reflect or redistribute it uniformly towards the outside. The silver fibre impedes the proliferation of microbes and also has good odour-blocking properties.