Latex foam is a natural product which comes from the sap of a tree which is originally from South America, the Hevea Brasiliensis.


The raw material which is obtained is injected into a mould and baked (vulcanised) in an oven where it takes up the form and characteristics required.


It is hypoallergenic, being of a material which is intrinsically bactericidal and resistant to mould.

A dense network of aeration channels gives the latex block good transpirationcharacteristics, while the presence of numerous micro-particles of air within the structure makes it extremely elastic, it is never too hard or too soft and it maintains its original shape and characteristics for a very long period of time.

Naturlatex Traditional
  • Soft, micro-pore latex for better transpiration characteristics.
  • Guarantees the correct weight distribution of the head and neck, thus promoting deep relaxation.
Naturlatex Cervical
  • Micro-perforated medium latex for better transpiration.
  • Its double profile design means that it may be used in 4 positions in order to give correct support to the head and cervical vertebrae.
  • Promotes relaxation of the neck muscles and helps in the prevention of cervical problems

The pillow rests where the softness desires.

All Armonia by Nottinblù pillows are dressed with a soft cover in pure, 100% jersey cotton.

Armonia by Nottinblù also offers the chance of enhancing the pillows with coverings which provide an answer to all individual requirements.

Bioblú range :

100% natural cotton, with special weave allowing for elasticity.

Silverblú range :

it has been scientifically demonstrated that silver has enormous anti-microbe properties, and it was used since the beginning of the last century for medical purposes and to heal wounds. Today, thanks to the progresses made in technology, silver fibre is fixed permanently to the fabric itself, to guarantee, over time, an anti-microbe action which is resistant to a large number of washes. Fabric with silver woven in it immediately dissipates the electrostatic charges, because it is a metal with high conductive properties. It is also able to regulate the temperature of the body due to its radiation properties, and to reflect or redistribute it uniformly towards the outside. The silver fibre impedes the proliferation of microbes and also has good odour-blocking properties.