Sweet is the night and light is the life.

Pillows are a fundamental addition to the Armonia by Nottinblú bed system.

They give the right support to the cervical vertebrae and head, whatever the position taken up while sleeping.

Armonia by Nottinblú offers a wide range of pillows made from the most innovative, ecological materials.

For serene nights and an energy-filled wake-up



Armonia by Nottinblù pillows are packed with elegant cardboard bags. They are delivered with innovative and practical holders containing 7 pieces of the same model.

The covers are also purchasable in a single piece. They are packed with holders containing 7 piece of the same model.


Latex foam is a natural product which comes from the sap of a tree which  is originally from South America, the Hevea Brasiliensis.


Memory is a high-tech thermo-elastic material, created to offer correct weight distribution of the parts of the body which are to be supported.