The Armonia by Nottinblú Latex mattress has a support body made of latex with differentiated support zones according to the various parts of the body to guarantee a natural and relaxing rest.

The latex block used by Armonia by Nottinblú is ergonomic and self-modelling and adapts itself harmoniously to the form of the person which is lying on it.

It works in synergy with the support function exerted by the mattress support and leads to a correct position of the spinal column.

It is hypoallergenic, being of a material which is intrinsically bactericidal, and does not produce either dust or mould. It is, therefore, particularly suitable for asthma and allergy sufferers.

A dense network of aeration channels pump air each time the body moves, which gives the block of latex a good transpiration.
The natural resistance and the innumerable air microcells being in the structure make it elastic, not too rigid or not too soft and it is able to keep its original characteristics over a long period of time.