Blucell ®

Internal Core

Blucell® Armonia by Nottinblú is soft to the touch, very similar to natural sponge, anti-bacterial, with a high degree of protection against allergies.

It is obtained through a combination of high-tech polymers and water. The result is an ecological product which is easy to recycle and, therefore, has a low impact on the environment.

The used materials are certified and recyclable. The result is a product which may be formed according to personal requirements, but which is also self-modelling. At every movement, a Blucell® mattress by Armonia by Nottinblú adapts itself perfectly to the shape of the body which immediately finds its ideal position.

The open-cell structure of Blucell® guarantees maximum transpiration properties. At every movement, the change of air within the mattress is complete, helping to form the most healthy micro-climate and the highest antibacterial properties, so it is particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.