Armonia by Nottinblú mattresses are the result of avant-garde production processes, strict testing and stringent quality controls.

Made using only high quality materials that are ecological and environmentally friendly, Armonia by Nottinblú mattresses interact with the bed base, helping it to provide correct support for the spine and therefore ensuring relaxation of the muscles.

The supporting structure of Armonia by Nottinblú mattresses is built in such a way as to cause a healthy recirculation of air when stimulated by body pressure and movements, thereby encouraging body perspiration and dissipation of the dampness resulting from sweating.

The paddings and covering fabrics, in top quality materials allow you to relax and rest in an ideal microclimate, throughout every season of the year, enveloped by a pleasant sensation of warmth and freshness.


Blucell® Armonia by Nottinblú is soft to the touch, very similar to natural sponge, anti-bacterial, with a high degree of protection against allergies.


Latex mattress has a support body made of latex with differentiated support zones according to the various parts of the body.


Thanks to its structural characteristics, NoWeight wraps around the human body and distributes the weight of the body uniformly like a light caress.


Easy is a line of mattresses that contains the solutions with the best value for money within the line "Blue". Thanks to the mattresses "Easy" the resting is good for everyone.