The progressive mattress support


Synergy is efficient in correcting poor posture.

When lying on a bed which is too soft, the body discharges all its weight in the lumbar region, whereas if the bed is too rigid, the weight is concentrated in the shoulder and pelvis regions.

This kind of unbalanced weight distribution makes the lumbar and cervical zones particularly vulnerable to conditions which are typically felt in these areas.


By using Synergy’s progressive support system, poor posture of the spinal column is prevented and contrasted, which means that, even when lying down, it takes up the same position as when standing so as to discharge the tension which is accumulated during the day.



The progressive mattress support

The Synergy slat supports are characterised by their progressive support.

Uniform flexibility.

The special Synergy structure allows the slats a uniform flexibility from the centre to their ends.


Thanks to “Progressive Support System”, the Synergy bed displays a progressive elasticity and flexibility that is proportional to the weight of the body.

The exclusive Synergy support system, with its innovative fins, guarantees a flexible and optimum support under all conditions, whatever your weight and whatever position you take up.


Synergy is made of innovative materials. The aluminum structure is able to blend the following: eco-compatibility, lightness, structural resistance, long life, luminosity and beauty.

Synergy means a dynamic dimension for resting. It is a mattress support which moves and is tuned in with each and everybody’s individual requirements for comfort and relaxation.