Mattress supports with flexible multi-layer beech slats which adapt themselves perfectly to the curve of the backbone.

Bluconfort mattress supports are designed and built with the most advanced technology available in the wood industry.


The flexible, plywood slats, which are curved and formed with vapour, react elastically to the forces exerted by the body which lies on them by flexing only the amount required to avoid the body sagging into them, in order to let the spinal column take up a physiologically-correct

position, the muscle system to relax correctly and the mattress to transpire to guarantee that we always sleep in perfectly hygienic conditions and an ideal microclimate.


The greater the number of slats is, having a costant elasticity for a long period of time, the more efficacious their action will be.

The slats are joined to a hardy frame, whole made of wood, by means of shock resistant and non-deformable joints.

They are treated with natural waxes and oils with no added solvents.

Thanks to these qualities the Bluconfort support mattresses are a natural, efficacious and lasting product. Moreover they have a pleasant shape and can be put into any beds easily.


The wide range of models available, both in fixed and hinged versions with manual or electric movement, satisfy any requirement for rest or relaxation.