Mattress Supports

The Armonia by Nottinblú mattress support guarantees a correct orthopedic support for the spinal column, the complete relaxation of the muscle system, the body is kept at an ideal temperature in its own microclimate, under hygienic conditions to safeguard you from mites, bacteria, mould and dust.


Mattress supports built by Armonia by Nottinblú are made with full respect of the environment and materials that have no influence on the natural electromagnetic balance. The Armonia by Nottinblú mattress supports are built exclusively with excellent plywood, painted with natural waxes and oils, without solvents, in full respect for the environment to guarantee the maximum transpiration of the mattress, thus avoiding the possibility of harmful retained moisture.


Provided with multilayer flexible beech slats, bent and pressed under steam, which, thanks to their lasting flexibility, adapt perfectly to the curve of the backbone, yielding only where necessary, the Armonia by Nottinblú mattress supports allow the spine to maintain an orthopedically correct posture in every position of the body at rest.


Every single component is developed with meticulous care, machined with high precision CNC equipment, assembled and then checked by the expert eyes of skilled craftsmen.


Mattress supports with flexible multi-layer beech slats which adapt themselves perfectly to the curve of the backbone.


By using Synergy’s progressive support system, poor posture of the spinal column is prevented and contrasted.


Ego is adaptable to your characteristics; it is proportional to yours weight and it offers a support for every part of the body.