Designing sleep: innovation and tradition.


Sleeping is not enough, we have to sleep well. Through sleeping, the body is regenerated, the muscles relax and in which the spinal column gets back into shape after having to support the weight of our body all day.


Armonia by Nottinblú designs sleep through their integrated bed systems, with their elements which synergically take care of the quality of our relaxation.


Elementary laws of physics and mechanics applied to avantgarde design, work together to create innovative products, which guarantees that your rest is complete and physiologically healthy, from all points of view.

Mattress Supports

The Armonia by Nottinblú mattress supports are built exclusively with excellent plywood, painted with natural waxes and oils in full respect for the environment.


Armonia by Nottinblú mattresses, made using only high quality materials, are the result of avant-garde production processes, strict testing and stringent quality controls.


Pillows are a fundamental addition to the Armonia by Nottinblú bed system. They give the right support to the cervical vertebrae and head, whatever the position taken up while sleeping.


The Armonia by Nottinblú toppers are designed to optimize the mattress function of  support, reducing the compression between it and the body surface.